Subscription Business Model with Subscription-now

Do you rely on a subscription business model and regularly offer services or products to your customers against payment? If so, your business is on a good track! Subscription services reliably provide recurring revenue and are a success factor in the highly competitive e-commerce market. You can benefit from this even if subscription models are not yet part of your business and you want to integrate subscription services into your online store at a later date.

In-House Systems Are Complex and Expensive

An in-house solution is usually not the optimal solution for subscription management or as a subscription payment gateway. It is costly and time-consuming. After all, the software needed for this has to be able to do a lot: It must manage complex currency conversions and repetitions, reliably handle or track refunds, and handle recurring payments. The development and testing effort required for this is enormous and often overwhelms in-house IT. Payment gateways must ensure secure processing between the merchant and the bank and transmit all payment data securely. This is a particularly important point. As an e-commerce merchant, you need to offer your customers secure and effective payment gateways.

Let Professionals Do the Work For You!

In most cases, it is worth outsourcing this burdensome development effort. Billwerk, one of Europe's largest subscription providers, does it better, faster, and far cheaper for your bottom line. Your subscription management becomes even easier with our solution Subscription-now. It's like a link between the extensive billwerk services and your online store. Subscription-now ensures reliable and rapid integration into the billwerk system. This allows you to operate your subscription products flexibly and easily. Billing and ongoing operations become even more convenient and user-friendly. You get all the benefits of your all-in-one shopping cart and well-designed subscription management.

What Subscription-now Can Also Do for You

But Subscription-now can do even more: The modular structure and interfaces of our solution allow you to easily connect your customer relationship management and other third-party systems. This gives you all the features you need for billing, shipping and merchandise management. Our solution supports you with returns management and postage optimization. Trial subscriptions can be easily converted into standard subscriptions, and statistical evaluations give you the tools you need to make strategic decisions. What else Subscription-now can do for you and your successful e-commerce business, we will be happy to tell you in a personal conversation. Benefit now from our know-how in subscription management and from the latest developments around subscription models!