The user-friendliness of Subscription-now is impressive. This also applies to the simple integration into new or existing third-party systems. "Easy Interactions" is the motto. Our solution can be integrated quickly, easily and flexibly into third-party systems.

Standard interfaces as a success factor

Subscription-now works with standard interfaces. This allows easy data exchange with other systems or the coverage of additional process requirements. In this way, all processes in your company are supported in the best possible way during subscription management. This is the only way you can really harness the full potential of digitization and a subscription business model. All data must be able to be brought together, exchanged and reconciled with little effort. This is particularly important when it comes to complex business processes. This makes subscription commerce simple and easy. Above all, it takes into account the many challenges that come with a subscription model. With our subscription administration and management software, you can reliably score points in this rapidly growing market segment with its special requirements. The integration of measured usage makes your business fit for the future and optimizes the sale and management of subscriptions. As a retailer, you benefit from higher customer loyalty. Your customers enjoy even more benefits and convenience with our subscription management software.

All technical challenges under control

With Subscription-now, your company is well equipped for the many technical challenges in subscription commerce. The smooth interaction of store systems, payment infrastructure and merchandise management is particularly important here. So is smooth subscription management in combination with automated ordering, including debiting in the payment process. Subscription-now makes integration child's play and ensures that you can make the best possible use of previously hidden customer potential. Integration with third-party systems works flawlessly, without you or your team needing the specialized knowledge that is usually required. This gives you the time you need to concentrate fully on your core business. Do you still have questions? Can we support you and help you with a specific problem? Our team is looking forward to your inquiry and will be happy to assist you! We are your specialist when it comes to subscription administration and management software and will support you to the best of our ability with our know-how.