About billwerk

The Frankfurt-based software specialist billwerk supports companies in subscription management. It helps companies manage their Saas or subscription business better and more efficiently. To this end, billwerk has been developing the subscription management platform of the same name since 2015, which automates all important subscription processes: such as recurring payments, invoices and many other core processes. This makes subscription and accounts receivable management in particular, as well as recurring payment and recurring billing, time- and cost-efficient. For Subscription-now, the cooperation with the subscription service provider billwerk forms something like the foundation of its services. With subscription models, every single flow of fees and data runs through billwerk.

Many advantages plus seamless integration in subscription management

The close integration of billwerk and Subscription-now offers customers numerous advantages:

  • Through billwerk, seamless integration into existing interfaces of third-party systems as well as into existing process landscapes becomes possible.
  • The cooperation automates subscription processes throughout the entire customer lifecycle, including monitoring and analytics.
  • The radical automation of subscription management as well as recurring payment and billing reduces ongoing costs and increases profitability. German-language support for your subscription management
  • Compliance with all EU-DSGVO and German data protection regulations and certifications (server location in Germany) GoBD-compliant according to the principles of orderly accounting
  • Problem-free transfer of all data into the financial accounting system thanks to FiBu integration
  • Integration of all payment methods - from payment on invoice and SEPA direct debit to Paypal and credit card payment

Best equipped for European companies

billwerk has been tailored as a software and effective payment gateway entirely to the needs of European subscription companies. The solution is equipped for all the special features of the European market and its strict regulations and standards. Thus, the subscription management is clearly superior to the systems of US providers. However, this does not mean that your business is limited to the European market. billwerk operates globally and bills end customers worldwide. billwerk was founded in 2015 by Dr. Ricco Deutscher, who launched the platform together with his co-founders. Today, it is the basic technology for subscription management or recurring business models in many companies. From its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, billwerk has 40 employees serving the German market, as well as branches in Gdansk and Minsk. The markets also cover the entire DACH region, France, Benelux and Scandinavia. Several hundred European customers - including an increasing number of start-ups - are now benefiting from this innovative technology. As an experienced billwerk partner, we are there for you if you want to make your subscription business fit for the future and your business success. Benefit now from the many advantages of automated subscription management and an effective subscription payment gateway!