Subscriber management is an art that we master to the best of our ability. Our software manages your customers' subscription lifecycle from start to finish. As a comprehensive solution for your subscription management, Subscription-now works holistically in the best sense of the word. It starts when the customer subscribes to a service or product and ends when they cancel or let it expire.

What Well-Solved Subscription Management Can Do for You

Subscription-based business models are a great opportunity, but also a great challenge. Customer databases are often complex, timely billing can be problematic, and price and product management can be complicated. User-friendliness issues also sometimes arise. Other stumbling blocks include security issues, implementation difficulties, gaps in technical expertise and a huge time commitment. An all-in-one platform is the solution to all these subscription management problems. It takes care of everything related to subscription integration for you. As a flexible SaaS platform, Subscription-now simplifies subscription management so much that you can focus all your energy on your core business.

How Subscription-now Works

Subscription-now is a flexible SaaS platform that makes subscription management simple and seamless. Integration is just as easy: no programming skills required thanks to our plugins for various content management systems. The intelligent solution for subscription products can be integrated in five minutes. All you have to do is add a few lines to your application, or integrate the code on the pages where you want to offer the subscription! Now you just have to create your individual subscription button. With it, you manage all subscription services with just one click.

Your Advantages Will Be Obvious

  • Discover new revenue potentials with Subscription-now and optimize the pricing models of your subscription products!
  • Subscription management becomes child's play and, above all, clear: You get a uniform overview of all customer and subscription data in one place.
  • Subscription management ensures that each customer is invoiced for the correct payment at the agreed time.
  • You manage your subscription products as quickly and easily as you've always wanted to.
  • We offer Subscription-now as a SAAS solution.
  • You can use it to implement numerous components in new or existing applications with little effort.
  • Your elegant shopping cart interface can be easily customized and adapted to your branding.
  • Thanks to the subscription API, data exchange is simple and secure. Rapid scaling is another benefit: by allowing you to add the subscription model to any website, time to market for services and products is significantly reduced.

There's much more Subscription-now can do for you and your company's success when it comes to subscription management. We'll be happy to reveal more details and look forward to your call or email!