How billwerk takes care of your subscription management simply and securely

German companies, including many with a long tradition, are increasingly relying on subscription-based business models. These offer a variety of advantages. For example, instead of making a large investment at the very beginning of a business relationship, customers pay their subscriptions over time and can increase or decrease them as the business develops. This is also an attractive option for dynamic start-ups. Many companies that earn good money with subscription models now rely on the billwerk platform, software developed specifically for European subscription companies. The Frankfurt-based company of the same name is ideally equipped for the business environment in Europe and supports, among other things, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) and other central standards such as the electronic invoice format ZUGFeRD.

How billwerk takes care of your subscription management simply and securely

billwerk is now a proven solution for a wide range of users. It is suitable for everything from time-based flat rates to consumption-based systems with millisecond accuracy. However, integrating an application into billwerk is often a big step, and sometimes not enough. Sometimes applications need a three-way connection as a link between billwerk and the service of a third-party provider in order to be ready for demanding tasks. This is exactly what subscription-now does with its decoupled architecture, which synchronizes a wide range of applications thanks to its advanced interface system. This means billwerk can be integrated into almost any system and application landscape. This is already ensured by the strong REST API of the open platform. So your system is always in good hands!

Many advantages make subscription models a sales turbo

Subscription-now creates the basis for efficient subscription management and offers numerous advantages in the handling of subscription processes:

  • It automates a wealth of processes in the subscription business without high development costs.
  • By connecting billwerk with Salesforce, for example, you can also edit and view all your contract and customer data in the cloud-based CRM software Salesforce.
  • Since the billwerk API is based on the REST paradigm, the application becomes completely hassle-free.
  • Subscription-now ensures easy integration into your system and application landscape, even via third-party systems.
  • Without in-house development work, you get a mature product that copes perfectly with country-specific requirements.

Thanks to these many advantages, you can concentrate fully on your core business, operate your subscription model even more efficiently, and work more profitably and with fewer resources. Ultimately, this also benefits your track record of acquiring new customers who bring in permanent payments.